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Hôtel Les Airelles

2 Pass. Michu 76270 NEUFCHATEL-EN-BRAY  +33(0) 2 35 93 14 60 itinéraire Hôtel Les Airelles

restaurant Gastronomique

Two bright restaurant rooms and a terrace in the summer are at your disposal to enjoy a gastronomic cuisine prepared with fresh local products.

Possibility of family or business meals in a private room. The service is lively or adapted to your convenience.

Norman cuisine is determined by its geographical position, which benefits from the fertile lands of Normandy. The land provides an abundance of agricultural produce, while the sea provides a generous supply of fish and shellfish. In addition, the Normans' use of butter and cream in their cooking is almost legendary.



Smoked salmon carpaccio 16 €

Duck foie gras with currant flawour 18 €

Roasted Gambas with Artichoke 17 €

Seared foie gras with honey and dried apricot sauce 20€


Veal medaillon 18€

Beef fillet topped with a slace or seared foie gras 22€

Veal sweetbreads cooked with butter, parsley and lemon 20€


Sea bass fillet cooked with butter parsley and lemon sauce 18€

Fish of the Moment with butter and lemon 22€

The cheese board 9€


Ice cream or sorbet 6€

Pomme caramélisée comme une mille-feuille 8 €

Lemon and Apricot yogurt 8€

confit kumquat and dried fruit chocolate ganache 8€

Chocolate spring rolls with salred butter caramel 10 €

RAsberry, coconut panna-cotta 8 €

Horaires restaurant

Tuesday 19:00-20:30
Wednesday 12:00-14:00 19:00-20:30
Thursday 12:00-14:00 19:00-20:30
Friday 12:00-14:00 19:00-20:30
Saturday 12:00-14:00 19:00-20:30
Sunday 12:00-14:00